Boarding Check-in Form

Thank you for choosing Brooklyn Road Veterinary Clinic as your preferred Jackson, MI veterinarian! Please fill out the below form as thoroughly as possible.

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Boarding Check-in

We are glad to have the opportunity to care for your pet. To ensure your pet gets the best care we can offer, please fill out the following form completely. Please Note: All * fields are required.

Each reservation that we have for your pet you will be asked to help us by filling out the following form and click "Submit" at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled check-in.  This will help make the experience quicker and easier for you and prevent you from filling out paperwork at drop-off.


We ask that you call upon arrival for Curbside Check In and Check Out for Boarding.  Our office is open, but to improve traffic we are continuing to process boarders at your vehicle.

Reservation Details

Photo ID will be required
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We suggest you bring your own food from home to help prevent upset stomach from changes in diet, but we provide Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach if you do not bring any from home.


We are happy to give your pet their medications while they stay with us. Please make sure they are labeled with your pet's name, the type of medication it is, what it was prescribed for, and how often they are given if they are not in the original container.
Include when it will next need to be given


All pets are allowed outside by themselves in a fenced area for playtime at least twice daily.


**Bedding or toys may be brought as long as they can be washed if they become soiled** We provide blankets for all boarding pets unless you indicate your pet chews/eats bedding.
(Pet name; sharing or own run; different feeding; different meds; different treatments needed)