About Brooklyn Road Veterinary Clinic

Brooklyn Road Veterinary Clinic has been a trusted resource for animal well-being for over 40 years.

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Our mission

At Brooklyn Road Veterinary Clinic, we want you to know and understand our philosophy on caring for your most treasured companions.

We believe in the human-animal bond and think of our pets as true family members.

We believe in always giving you our very best in customer service, quality health care, and honest concern for you and your pet.

We believe that you know your pet best and are an integral part of the healthcare team.

We believe in offering you the options available, even if it is not something we can provide, so you can make an informed choice of what is best for your pet.

We believe that animals feel pain and actively attempt to prevent and control pain in our patients.

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Hospital ​Tour

Have a look at our facility below, then stop by for a visit to get to know us in person!