Trusted Veterinary Resources

We know it can be difficult to find reliable information about your pet’s care on the internet. That’s why we wanted to share trusted internet sources with you!

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Resources for Pet Parents

Getting incorrect information from an unreliable website could inadvertently hurt your pet — never fear, we are here to help!

green energy 14 is a veterinary database that offers information on animal health, medications, therapies, and surgeries.


The American Veterinary Medical Association keeps you up-to-date with pet health news, including pet food recalls.


The American Society for Prevention of Cruelity to Animals (ASPCA) has pet care articles, including information on poison control.

Fetch by WebMD

On the pet version of WebMD, you can search their database of information on pet diseases and treatments.

Pet Microchip Lookup

The Pet Microchip Lookup site allows you to type in the microchip of a found pet and assist in contacting their owners.

Michigan Department of Community Health

The Michigan Department of Community Health is your resource for public health concerns, such as parasites and zoonotic diseases that can be passed from pets to humans and vice versa.

**Information from the internet is not a replacement for proper veterinary care. Please seek the services of a licensed veterinarian if your pet is displaying symptoms.**